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An alternative, holistic approach

The Asyra Pro is an advanced bio-energetic health screening system which takes energetic readings and measures the body’s capacitive reaction.

It’s this advanced technology which can indicate hormonal imbalance, emotional stressors, circulatory disturbances, digestive maladies, immune disorders, food sensitivity, environmental sensitivity, metabolic disturbances and sleep disturbances.

How does it work?

You may be wondering how the Asyra Pro works...

Through the process, customized filters (frequencies) relating to specific issues such as chemical toxins, allergies and intolerances are output. If any of these filters creates a disturbance to any energetic component, cellular component, tissue, organ or system of your body, then the negative response is registered through the Asyra Pro

It then provides a printout giving you a full body diagnosis which is emailed to you immediately.

An added value service

We like to ensure you get good value from our service by offering advice on how to look after yourself going forward from the test.

In our follow-up sessions, we discuss the diagnosis and provide advice on nutrition and exercise based on your test results. In this way, I can offer you a truly personalised and effective health and wellness plan.

How long does the session last ?
Our first consultation lasts between 60-90 minutes. This includes the test itself and going through the results.

What does the first session include?
Our first session together starts with general questions about yourself, your lifestyle, work and family situation, followed by what health issues you’re having general concerns. I then ask you to hold the conducting rods, one in each hand, which are connected to a laptop – and this is the allergy testing itself. When the test is over, the computer issues a full body diagnostic. Finally, I discuss the results with you and make recommendations for your diet and lifestyle to help address your issues and to move you forward into better health.

What should I wear?
You can wear anything you like.

How will I feel during my treatment?
During the treatment there will be a lot of questions about your lifestyle, health concerns, what are you trying to achieve, what other treatments you tried, current medication, stress, family, job and anything else you feel like you need to discuss. Sort of like a therapy session but not so formal.

Is it painful?
The allergy test is a non-invasive process which doesn’t hurt at all. No needles, honest! All you have to do is sit and relax.

How will I feel afterwards?
After the treatment hopefully we’ll have covered all or at least most of your health issues and found a solution – whether that’s via dietary change, supplements or any other lifestyle change that may need to be made – and you’ll have a plan, which should all be clear to follow. After the actual test, I go through the report to make sure you understand it and go through anything that you are unsure of, which is then sent by email immediately so you can look at the results for reference. I like my clients to go away happy in the knowledge that they don’t have to rely on long-term medication and that there is a solution by making small changes and guidance you can feel a lot better.

How many treatments will I need?
I would recommend a retest after three to six months, depending on how you’re feeling to see what improvements have been made and for me to make further recommendations if necessary. I am also available to answer any questions you may have after you the session for anything you're unsure of or may need clarification.

Do you do hair tests?
Yes I do, but I find that they are not effective enough. From previous experience I find that the test takes too long to get the results by then you've forgotten about it. By the time you get the results you look at it and not action anything on it. A lot of the times its because you don't know what alternative to use. ie Dairy products. Hence I prefer face-to-face consultations for any questions and alternatives that you may need suggesting.

How much will it cost?
Please go to the treatments page for individual test prices

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